Our history

Veronika M, Creative Director and Co-founder.
Veronika has been a professional stylist, designer and wardrobe manager in Europe before settling into Australia and enrolling as a student at one of Melbourne’s prestigious art & design schools, LCI Melbourne. She created Chusette in Dec 2018, for a wide range of individuals from newborns to adults; with the goal of creating premium products that are comfortable and fashion-forward with a nod to traditional style and elegance. You’ll often see Veronika at one of our stores; helping you, our customers. Prior to moving to Australia, Veronika and her family worked on a myriad of projects taking them all over the world. In 2016 after briefly visiting Australia, they decided to call Melbourne home. Australia’s unique flair for fashion, it’s expressive ideas of the contemporary, it’s vibrant and rich landscapes have made Veronika and her family fall in love with the Great Southern Land.
Veronika, and the Chusette team took two years to develop a brand that we think the Australian people deserve to have; using the best materials, manufactured with the latest advancements in manufacturing technology gave way to the birth of Chusette. We are the future of socks and hosiery, branded by our traditional colour line, premium materials and colour palettes generated by Paris based creative intelligence firm NR, derived from the runways of the world’s leading fashion houses. So, wherever you go, wherever you may be… our products will always be on-trend.