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Hello, My name is Veronika. I’m a professional designer from Europe and an undergraduate of the Australian Design Academy.
I have worked on fashion design projects in many places around the world, but Australia  is the place I have fallen in love with.
The unique style, aesthetic flair…. the expression of fashion here is so vibrant and contemporary.

That was the inspiration for me to create my passion project: Chusette.

Chusette is a luxury high-end fashion hosiery brand.
We offer select collections of premium socks and tights, as well as many other fashionwear products.

I personally design every item in our collection, weaving the design philosophy of the latest global fashion trends into every product.

I make sure Chusette always uses best-in-class materials and production technology.
All our products are made with extra-thin, breathable, soft cotton and extra-soft bamboo for maximum comfort.

The Chusette logo is an artful expression of our iconic approach to design. The way we use trending colours, patterns and fabrics is what makes our customers feel not just comfortable, but also special.

As a wife and mother, I know how difficult it can be to shop around for every member of my family. I was struggling myself to find a place with a  variety of top quality fabrics, exclusive colors and latest fashion designs. That is why I wanted to create a luxury socks brand that had something for everyone in Australia. And here it is!

Every customer is like family to us, and we go above and beyond to make sure they always get the best products and the best luxury clothing experience.

I have been building this brand for many years now, and we are always adding new products to our collection. I can proudly say that we have exactly the kind of socks you are looking for.

Try CHUSETTE products and I’m sure you will fall in love with our creations. Once you try on our socks, nothing else will ever compare!

Thank you and welcome to the wonderful world of Chusette.

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